Cavity Eye Hungary Kft.

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    Cavity Eye Hungary Kft.

    Deák F. u. 91

    +36 30 3138675

    The new generation of Cavity Eye system is a simple portable industrial plug with an integrated ARM based measuring system. It provides the easiest way of cavity pressure measurement of multi-cavity-moulds. The Smart Mould Plug can be connected to a laptop by a simple network wire and the measurement can be run up to 8 pressure sensors in one mould. The free Cavity Eye measuring software can be downloaded from the Cavity Eye website ( If you need a measuring system for mould transfer, easy production start up or failure analysis, the Smart Mould Plug is the best solution on the market with the highest value/price ration. 2 or more SMP8 can be used parallel so the maximum number of the sensors can be unlimited in a mould. If you need 0 ppm scrap ratio, online and real time process analysis and machine control, the Smart Moulding Control system is the best choice.



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